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domenica 23 dicembre 2012

> Modo berlin

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Firebird 2012

MODO Berlin’s new collection, “Firebird”, is inspired by the speed, design and powerful elegance of the American “muscle cars”, resulting in a collection of cuts that are quick to style and which also reflect the strength of the applied technique. The hairstyles evoke the profile of a true “muscle car”: the back of the head is cut short and compact, reflecting the short rear end of the car. The softly flowing roof of the car inspires the line of the cut on the crown, while a long fringe matches the extended bonnet of the racing car. The colour department has experimented extensively and professionally with the elegant rally stripes of the cars to create expressive, modern and wearable colour designs. The cuts are designed for customers who value the technical know-how of the team at MODO Berlin just as much as their innovation and attention to a harmonious final result.

Modo berlin
Auguststraße 72 - 73
030 28873325

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