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lunedì 1 ottobre 2012

> Rainer Spehl__designer

Photos + text © Rainer Spehl

Rainer Spehl works hands-on in furniture, interior and exhibition design. He manages and realizes projects for commercial clients from concepts to the finished product. The portfolio includes exhibition stands, events and product displays for clients such as Nike, Stone Island, Dior and Gucci. Continuously, he works on his own collection of furniture and products as well as designing individual pieces for private clients. His designs show a strong interest in craftmanship and its utilisation. The Choice of material, the detailing and the incorporation of the respective surroundings are characteristic for his work - aiming to be of the highest standard; functionally - as well as aesthetically. 

Rainer Spehl
Koepenicker Strasse 187/188
30 817 979 58

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